SEI's sales of security equipment and dispatch and patrol teams are designed to provide the kind of maintenance that can keep your security program functioning with the most updated rates and service levels. The cost of security services is tailored to meet your budget. This will ensure that you are paying the best market rates.

Security Experts, Inc. is a Metropolitan-based, private security company and has been providing professional protection around-the-clock to New York, New Jersey and Georgia. We are currently expanding our security operations to other states. 


  • Guards-Patrols-Investigations

  • Undercover Agents

  • Executive Protection

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • Central Station Monitoring

  • Commercial/Residential Alarm Systems

  • Surveillance Equipment

  • 7 days a week/Holidays

Our professional staff of security officers will provide services to corporations such as major utilities company, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, industrial parks, condominiums, special events, etc.

SEI's personnel are personable security officers who are professionally able to handle any and all situations. They are skilled in the art of diplomatically resolving disputes, spotting potential perpetrators and discouraging vandalism.

SEI installs and maintains the most sophisticated and functional alarm systems available. We also operate a central alarm station which links your alarm system to our constantly monitored receiving station.

SEI offers your business all the advantages of in-house security, meaning we directly handle security guard schedule, medical benefits, training, uniforms and payroll expenses.