Security Experts, Inc. was organized in 1979 and has continuously operated as a security company since the aforesaid  date.  During this period, it has performed a wide range of services for its clients.  It has provided personal protection for a former European Queen during her unofficial visits to the United States, as well as Senior Corporate Officers at their homes and offices.  Services have been provided in the movement of substantial amounts of currency beetween the United States and specific foreign countries during times of crisis.  It has been engaged in the movement of priceless works of art, gold, jewelry as well as the protection of various venues where such items were on public display.
SEI has provided security services for various organizations in the airfreight industry, maintaining offices at JFK International Airport, NY; Newark, NJ; San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA; Dayton, OH; Miami, FL; Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; and Wilton, CT.
SEI provided the security during the construction of the Marriot Hotel in midtown Manhattan, NY.  SEI provides alarm and monitoring services, as well as the installation of cameras and recording devices.  It is licensed by the state of New York to train security officers.
Robert D. Foglia Sr.
President & CEO

Robert D. Foglia Sr. was one of the founding members of Security Expertions, Inc. (SEI)  He was a former member of the CIA, serving both in a military and civilian capacity, in Washington, DC and Europe.  He is a member of the New York Bar, having been admitted in 1955, after receiving a LLB in 1955 and a LLM in 1957, from Brooklyn Law School.

Robert D. Foglia Jr.
Vice President
Asst. Secretary

Robert D. Foglia Jr., attended Erskine College in South Carolina and graduated in 1982 with a BS in Business Administration.  His career in security began while still in college. Prior to graduation he traveled extensively throughout Europe as well as began his career working several months on a private ship on the French Rivera.

After graduation, Robert Foglia continued his career working deep undercover to infiltrate an organized crime ring in a major airport located in New York.  He then secured a position with ARJ Trucking with his main responsibility being investigations.

Robert D. Foglia Jr. has been a licensed New York Private Investigator for the past 24 years.  During his extensive professional career, he continued onto Tactical Handgun Training and became a licensed Fire Arms instructor in the State of Georgia and a Licensed Security Instructor for the State of New York Division of Criminal Justice Service.  More over, he provides services for Executive Protection and has clearance to enter US Customs and Port Authority areas at JFK International Airport when services are required.

More recently, in 2014, Robert D. Foglia Jr. was requested by a group in Indonesia to travel to Indonesia and help broker a deal to supply the Indonesian government with non-lethal weapons.