Alarm Systems


Most of our alarm system clients call us after they have been burglarized - better late than never - but surely the hard way to discover the need for an up-to-date alarm/response system.

Security Experts, Inc. designs, installs and maintains the most sophisticated functional alarm systems available.  We also operate a central alarm station which links your alarm system to our constantly monitored receiving station - located within minutes of JFK Airport.

For over 35 years, Security Experts, Inc. has maintained its own airport area patrol sector with roaming radio equipped patrol cars, manned by professional armed/unarmed SEI operatives - all New York State Certified and trained Officers.  Response time to an alarm is usually less than five minutes.  If losses are to be prevented and transgressors apprehended, it is vital help arrival within minutes of detection.

We will survey your premises and make security recommendations appropriate to your needs and budget.  SEI is staffed with its own full-time alarm installation and maintenance experts.  We offer only top-of-the-line brand new state-of-the-art equipment.

The selection and installation of alarm equipment is an extremely sophisticated undertaking.  The custom designing of your system to take advantage of the dozens of types of sensors, transmitters, zone devices and communicators now available is a complex business.  Paying a big price is no assurance your premises will be properly protected.  Knowledge and experiences are.