Employee Screening


Security Experts, without hesitation, supports the belief of most law enforcement agencies that a wise organization must know the company it keeps - its employees, its vendors, its executives, and often, its customers.  This is particularly true in today's hostile environment with terrorism threats, extortion, kidnapping, and petty thievery all too common.  You must know and control all who enter your premises.

SEI can provide your company with pre-employment and personnel screening of your present staff on a professional and confidential basis in complete conformity with all federal, state and local laws.

Our pre-employment screening process includes address verification, checks of previous employment, court records for criminal proceedings and motor vehicle records; pre-employment polygraphs; and fingerprints to be kept on file.

For existing personnel, we carry out address verifications, checks of court records and criminal proceedings and an updated check of motor vehicle records.

Our polygraph experts are available to conduct whatever tests are needed and for consultations on such materials.

SEI offers a complete employee identification program including the photographing, fingerprinting, laminating and issuing of tamper-evident ID cards.