Freight Security


No security organization has a better record of establishing and implementing effective and continuing security programs for those in the transportation industry.  We are called in, generally, when losses have become unbearable.  We survey the premises, company security practices and employee motivations before we offer our recommendations.

As a result, SEI in many instances, is managing and implementing company-wide security programs.  Our programs, cost vs. savings, have proven to be moneymakers for our clients which is what it is all about.  Intelligent, well-planned, professional security may be an asset - not an additional expense.

SEI's presence is strongly evident at John F. Kennedy International, and Atlanta Georgia International Airport.  With providing High Value escorts from State to State.  Ensuring that the cargo being transported from point "A" to "B" arrives un-tampered with.

SEI protects valuable property in transit, at Customs, and in the warehouses.  SEI's operatives have apprehended hundreds of wrongdoers and stopped the cargo leaks that grow into waterfalls when ignored.

Good security is simply good business in the transportation field.