Security Experts, Inc., (SEI) is always working with new technology, expanding their services, and increasing security awareness on continuous bases.  SEI has recently been requested to help introduce non-lethal weapons into Indonesia.  With the direct involvement of SEI, through PT. INDONUSA MEGANTRA PRIMA, the new and latest in technology for stun guns, (PHAZZERS) has successfully been introduced into the Indonesian Police, Military, Navy, and corrections department.  This relationship continues to grow.


Currently, Security Experts, Inc., is working on several other international projects.  These new ventures will provide much needed security services to other smaller nations with needs for the safety of their residence, property, and businesses.

Police, Correction, and Navy



From left to right, front row,  Robert D. Foglia Jr., V.P. of Security Experts Inc., Indoneisan Police Officer, Steve Abode, founder of PHAZZER Electromics Non leathal hand gun.

Womens Police Department



Chief of Police
Robert D. Foglia Jr.