Patrol & Response


For over thirty five years, SEI has operated its own precinct with radio patrol vehicles, dispatchers, unarmed and armed plainclothes operatives in the air freight areas surrounding JFK.  During the week, on patrol from sunset to sunrise.  SEI's roving patrols have proved an inexpensive and highly effective deterrent to crime.

We have apprehended wrongdoers in the act, kept suspicious individuals on the move, checked entryways and premises, and escorted employees to their cars late at night.  Staffed by well train New York State Certified officers, our patrols are streetwise, motivated and aggressive, but never exceed the bounds of what is legally permissible.

With continuing radio contact with our dispatchers, SEI patrols are ready and able to respond instantly to any emergencies in the sector.  And we are tuned in to the NYPD to hasten their response to emergency situations.

Our patrol services cost participating  businesses surprisingly little in relation to the sense of security they enjoy.  We go a step further - our Central Alarm Station service.  We will custom install the latest state-of-the-art alarm equipment for you, link it to our central station.  If there is trouble, SEI's patrol will be at your premises in minutes.

We deliver the patrol with backup - not just promises.