Surveillance & Investigation


Security Experts' associates are all professional law enforcement people, with decades of experience in every phase of security.

Its President, a retired is a retired CIA operative and New Your State licensed attorney.  Others, mostly former ranking detectives squad members, come from the Burglary, Hotel and Homicide Squads.

SEI's management group was responsible for bringing an untimely end to an attempted $80 million heist at JFK.  As the investigator's investigative organization, SEI has recovered missing prototype electronic equipment for one of the nation's largest business machine companies.  SEI investigators recovered a portion of $2 million in cash which disappeared between New York and the Far East for a major bank.

Through modern investigative methods, SEI has foiled hijackers, broken up organized groups of pilferers for half a dozen different organizations.  We escort valuables on long journeys.  We provide protection for the owners of gems at jewelry shows and charity events held near and far.

We've helped maintained a drug free environment for many firms entrusted with the handling of founds in the billion dollar range.  We've supervised the security, by the use of undercover as well as identifiable agents, the setting up of a major Eastern hostelry without the loss of a single major item of inventory.

Security Experts is the agency called in when corporate security directors need help - to provide the professional investigative and surveillance backup to resolve a particularly sticky pressing problem.

SEI has experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified individuals to help the prevention of crimes and in crease safety to their clients.

There is no policy matter that SEI cannot handle professionally and economically.